Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Turning browsers into buyers

"As the industry consolidates, a large agency or a tech company looking to serve the agency market will pick up the placements on the web in the current market. Which leads me to wonder if advertising firms or technology firms will end up controlling the monetization of the social web.

That’s one of the reasons AOL’s purchase of Goowy, a personalized portal company and widget maker, caught my eye. Any exit is good news when it comes to validating an uncertain market, and AOL has apparently bought into the widget-as-advertising-vehicle concept enough to give a small acquisition a whirl. As Ron Grant, president and COO of AOL, said in the release:

Will ad agencies and marketing firms acquire the technology to maintain the media placement side of their business as more of it moves online? With Internet advertising topping $36 billion in 2007, that’s still just 8 percent of the total worldwide advertising spend, so it’s possible agencies are OK with ceding that part of the market to technology firms. The tech guys are certainly happy to take it."

With the audience moving to the Net it is unavoidable that ads will follow.
Turning browsers into buyers, that is the challenge MOST of all websites faced as the main reason to come into the Internet.
But HOW?
Not as the usual ads in the usual Media.
You cannot mix ads to words of an article, hoping people won't jump them or just ignore the commercial stuff.
Ads MUST be embedded INTO the Article, or Video, or Image.
And the Article, Video, image must be alluring enough to attract a relatively wide audience or targeted audience.

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