Friday, February 29, 2008

A happy customers is worth 1K words...

For professional use, or just for a personal need you may decide that a label, a real coloured, printed label can add to your products that touch of uniqueness or just order and usability.
But the right one has to answer to special features:

1) Be professionally done

2) be the right size

3) be the right style

4) be the right colour

5) having colours that last

6) In certain cases be water proof

7) be easy to use.

So, where to find the rightLabels? can offer all what you can dream of asking for your labels.
They are printed using HP indigo press, and AB Graphics converting machinery to laminate, die cut, and slit the stickers and labels onto separate rolls.
They do not have "set up" fees, this thanks to the fact that the graphic image is electrically drawn onto a PIP (photo imaging plate) and the fluid ink is then transferred directly onto the substrate or material eliminating the need for costly printing plates.
This also allows to print variable data stickers or labels.( You can have different labels on the same roll).
And you can be sure that your labels will perfectly match the press proof.
For all this you would think you have to wait ages, believe me, the processing time is just three working days.
Not only, if you are in a real hurry they can process your request in one day...

And last, but not least: thy really care for their customers.
They know that a happy customers is worth 1K words, more than any image...

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Dr Adrian Steele of Mercian Labels said...

In the UK there is another company that does a similar job to Frontier Labels in the USA - Mercian Labels, in case anyone is interested.