Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A new drug delivery

For those who hate taking medication or are always forgetting a pill, a solution might be on the horizon: a prosthetic tooth that delivers the drugs for you.

Called IntelliDrug, the device is just two molars in size and could ensure that patients take the correct amount of medicine, at precisely the correct time.

Electronic and software components also allow doctors to adjust doses during the course of treatment, as well as track the history of the therapy.

"The objective of this technology is to offer an alternative to fully controlled drug delivery, in terms of dosage, timing, etc., in a non-invasive manner," said Andy Wolff, co-founder of Harutzim, Israel-based Saliwell, which spun out of Tel Aviv-based Assuta Medical Centers. Wolff patented the technology with Ben Beiski, CEO of Saliwell.

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