Friday, February 22, 2008

Tired to be a single?

Among all services that the Internet provides I guess the most used and probably the most sought of is the online dating.
Once friendship and meeting your soul mate was much easier.

Life was different and human relationships much easier.
You had a personal friendship with your baker or butcher or whatever.
Now a day we are more numbers, emails, websites than people.
There have never been so many social sites, meetings, parties, and there have never been so many "Singles" or "Lonely People".
In a Communication Era what is getting very difficult is to communicate.
And that doesn't mean a telephone call or an email, because in that things have got much easier.
Once to communicate by mail from Europe to USA it took minimum two weeks.
Nowadays it is immediate.
It is what we say and what we share that amazingly has got less personal and more casual.
We talk about business, about the weather, about politics, but we are getting unable to talk about ourselves.
Less privacy and more humanity, that is what we would need.
It is in this view that dating sites are getting so popular.
Because we find it much easier to talk to somebody we never saw than with our neighbour.
Online dating is the new form of blind date, but if you choose the right site you have many more chances to find your soul mate.
How to choose the niche website where you can find the right person you want to meet?
The one with your tastes and your view of life?
Prime Dating is where you can find a long list of most dating sites.
If you tend to be shy is your site.
If you are scared to make the first move, can do it for you by introducing you to one of its members by sending both of you a message.
That is a perfect way to begin and you decide if you want to go on or to stop.
Or if you choose, you can be sure you'll find the soul with your same "Chemistry".
Or may be you're just looking for a friendship?
Friend Finder, as the name says will certainly find the right friend you are looking for...
Well compared to the old way to meet friends and lovers, at least you'll be able to choose among millions...this is the nice side of Globalisation...

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