Thursday, February 28, 2008

The World's fastest Indians

"Herbert J 'Burt' Munro, a plucky pensioner who repeatedly broke the world land-speed record in the 60s on his modified Indian Scout motorbike. As played by Anthony Hopkins, he emerges as a likeable eccentric whose refusal to see out his days quietly will strike a chord with geriatrics everywhere."

A movie to see.
Not because of the story, but for the power and life's lessons of the main character Anthony Hopkins ( 'Burt' ).
How to follow and reach your goals with the strenght of your will.
If you are determined enough people cannot do anything else than following you and liking you.
A breath of youth coming from an old aged person.
Nothing more adrenaline creating than that.
It's the revised "American Dream", where a nobody can create his bright future, providing he wants it enough.
Hopkins is, as usual, at his best.

Patrizia in The Movie Whisperer

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