Sunday, December 21, 2008

About "Germans"

Mr. Broghammer looks like a peculiar creature here in Italy, but he is perfectly normal in Germany.
There what we see as "obsession for perfection" is just normality, to the point that nothing has any sense if it is not "Perfection close".
They defined the "Allies" as "Geniuses" since they were able to "spot" Germans" tactics.
But there is nothing easier.
In order to reach perfection every German keeps records of what he does, also of what he does "wrong".
And in order to be perfect records, they are easily found.

To cheat thieves I have a special way that till now has saved part of my belongings because I keep them in so many places that the average thief cannot find all.
My daughter is a masterpiece in deceiving thieves.
She keeps her jewellery in the most unexpected places, like shoes or under the bed.
Of course that is done with simple lack of order, but it proves useful in case of robbery.
The side effect of my tactics is that, having a poor memory, I never remember where I hid my belongings, so that when I need them I know I have them, but I do not know where.

Since I married Mr. Broghammer we have improved a lot.
My belongings are still scattered around, but Mr. Broghammer keeps a record of the places on his hard drive.(in perfect German style)
What thieves need today is just a little computer skill (which luckily they usually lack) and the trick is easily knocked off...
I still beilieve that my daughter's way is the best: what you do not find the others will not find too...

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