Tuesday, December 09, 2008

When security could be too much security

Sometimes, security gets a little out of hand.
Suggestions not to run into problems:

1) Be sure NOT to wear any piercing.
It happened to someone to be obliged to remove her nipple rings supposed to disguise some kind of implanted boob lasers.
And that would be nothing if it was not necessary to use pliers.
May be this could be a suggestion for Al Qaeda to develop some kind of poisonous nanodarts that can fire out from those piercings and kill everyone on board.

2) Be sure your name doesn't resemble one of the terrorists'.
Usually the process to get your name removed from the watch list takes at least a month and a half, so you can be sure you'll miss your flight.

3) Don't ever be tempted to steal some cutlery from the plane.
Those nice an harmless butter knife that look so cute and small?
Well, it happened to a pilot.
If they forbade him, you can bet they will you.
And f for some reason you loose the one you really loved?
You have good chances to buy it back on eBay.

4) No crutches, sorry.
If you happen to need them to walk, you should walk and not board a plane.

5) No liquors, no water and of course no Baby Food.
If you happen to have a child you should just stay home.

6) No terrorist T-Shirts.
No Arabic words on them.
That is Bad Propaganda.

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