Sunday, December 07, 2008

Meet the Broghammers on Sunday

We have, like the upper middle class in Italy, a large kitchen (large means large enough to eat) and two dining rooms, one for the family (it's cosier to eat in the dining room)and one for guests.
In the family dining room we have a round table for six and in the guests' we have a big 17th century table for 12 people.
We never have more than two guests, and it you sum the two of us, we just need a small table in the kitchen.
The fact is that we never eat in the kitchen or in one of the dining rooms.
In summer we eat on the terrace, because we like to look at Birds' private life and in Winter we eat in front of the TV on the room at the last floor.
That makes very uncomfortable launches and dinners and breakfasts, but we love this way.
Life wouldn't be nice if you weren't able to complicate it a little bit.
Besides, our meals are mostly frugal, since we are ALWAYS on a diet.
What changes is the type of diet.
I think I have tried all of the available.
The one that works better is the "Empty Fridge Diet", where you are obliged to feed out of available fruits and cookies.
But if you combine it with the "Empty Cupboard Diet" you have an apple and you can be sure you will get thin, at least as long as the Fridge stays empty.

Being me Italian and he German we should have a big variety in food, but we mostly agree to the average and most common and vastly world's spread which is a Pizza or, when you really want to cook something special a dish of spaghetti carbonara.
That is what I choose when I want to show.
It's easy, fast, and high calories.
So you have the excuse to eat just it, because something else would be too much.

Useless to say that my mother didn't want to live with me...
How come, everybody asked?
They didn't know how my mother enjoyed eating a healthy, good, meal, at least once a day...

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