Saturday, December 06, 2008

Meet the Broghammers

Today my husband (Mr. Broghammer) is unreachable.
My Christmas present arrived this morning.
It is some kind of Music and Video player.
I didn't want it, but my husband wanted it for me.
That was enough.
It is since early morning (after the mail arrived) that I can hardly communicate, since he has this new device on and in (his ears), so that no other sound can reach his brain, not even the familiar sound of: Lunch is ready!

But now I know that on our first trip I will be able to choose among a good selection of his favorite music and entertain myself.

This morning, in my forced isolation, I decided that I will write about our family on my blog.
It will be for all the people who like to hear about the others, when the others are, like us, peculiar in some way.

We are not the average family, at least not the average European family.
I am Italian, my husband is German.
I decided for it because I thought: if it works for a car (quite well) it will work for us.
I mean, if the mixture of Italian design and German technology works, it should also work in family life.
And I was absolutely right.
I hate all what needs more than five minutes to learn how to be used, my husband loves all what takes more than a week to learn how to be used.
I hate perfection, he cannot live without it.
The product is something in the middle, which is, as my Latin ancestors said (in medium est virtus) is something close to what you need to survive.
Let's say I usually produce very nice to look at things, while he produces ugly stuff that works perfectly.
And in life you need both: something that pleases your eyes and something you can use.

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