Saturday, December 06, 2008

Expensive, but 250 times faster than the average PC

Four thousand pounds is not what you could call cheap, at least for a PC, but if you see what kind of revolution it brings, it is not even that expensive.
It could help to process scientific results much faster, allowing scientists to find more easily cures for diseases or processing results of brain and body scans much more quickly.
Till now you could reach the same results with supercomputers, massive systems made up of thousands of machines taking up entire rooms.
"These supercomputers can improve the time it takes to process information by 1,000 times.

"If you imagine it takes a week to get a result [from running an experiment], you can only do it 52 times a year. If it takes you minutes, you can do it constantly, and learn just as much in a day."

The only thing the normal user needs is time.
Soon, when they will begin mass production, the price will fall and the supercomputer will be available to the "man on the road".

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