Monday, December 01, 2008

Too big to fail SHOULD mean too big for life support

That is what Tom Evslin is writing today and I couldn't agree more than what I do.
Helping the economy is wrong as much as it is doing something AGAINST it.
Economy has its rules, just as life has.
The weak dies and the strong (of course strong doesn't mean powerful because corrupted) survives, while the weak dies.
And weak includes also the ones who are too corrupted or unable to play the roles they are supposed to.
When you give your money to a Bank is because you trust them, because you are sure they will do the best with it.
And of course the best doesn’t mean to play with it in risky enterprises, exchange of debts that are worth the paper they are written on.
It doesn't mean to pay millions to the wrong people.
When an engineer builds a bridge that falls he will be personally responsible for it. (besides of course loosing his job)
Why doesn't the same apply to THOSE managers?

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Anonymous said...

A very thoughtful approach, liked it very much and i hope it helps me in future :)