Saturday, December 06, 2008

Democrats Set to Offer Loans for Carmakers: the verge of a "no future" future

This is a quite interesting article on the The New York Times today.
I am not even considering the need or the fact that in my humble opinion it is a wrong move, I am looking into it and seeing a very interesting aspect, which goes unseen by most of the people.

In 1989 in Europe we had the final step towards the end of the Communist ideal of a society.
"The communist point of view is an unrealistic and inefficient way of ruling today's world".
Of course it began some years before, with the scarcity of money and subsequent scarcity of power.
People live and work for survival, not for ideals.
Even in China they are embracing a new way to rule, much closer to capitalism than to Communism.
Let's summarize it in this way: they take from both what is more convenient without thinking and choosing for people's sake...

What I found more interesting in the article I mention is:

"the money would most likely come from $25 billion in federally subsidized loans intended for developing fuel-efficient cars."


"The auto companies will have to submit to strict government oversight to make sure that the bailout funds are used to carry out the reorganization plans they delivered to Congress this week. The auto company chiefs testified this week that they were willing to accept such regulation."
This is a step toward a communist vision of the society, where the State helps in exchange of rules and especially for rescuing and creating jobs that wouldn't have ANY reason to survive without the State's help.
This didn't bring that far the DDR.
They thought it could bring proselytes, votes and richness.
It brought poverty, un satisfaction and the end of the ideal of Communism.

I do not think there is an ideal way to guarantee a safe and profitable job to all.
I think that surviving is a tough job and it is getting more difficult since the slice of the cake is getting smaller with globalisation.
I think that helping the car industry to survive on the condition to keep it as it is a dream and an unnecessary step.
I think that the public money should be spent more carefully and on the sake of the people's future and NOT on the sake of a party's future.

I think we are on the verge of a "no future" future.

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