Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Global is here to stay, either you cope with it, or you die for it

"By the early 21st century, when so much American manufacturing had been swapped out to Asia, there was no business left except sprawl-building -- a manifold tragedy which wrecked the banks that financed it, and left the ordinary people mortgaged to it with ruinous liabilities."

"We have to, so to speak, get to place mentally where we can face the kinds of change that are now necessary and unavoidable. We're not there yet.
The economy we're evolving into will be un-global, necessarily local and regional, and austere."

We have to begin again, but that doesn't mean we have to begin from scratch.
The intelligent change is discarding what is wrong and keeping what is right.
The intelligent beginning is realizing where we are, what is happening around us, seeing what happened and trying to do better.
That is what goes under the name of "Evolution", and it is possible just "acting" in the right or wrong way is not that important.
The best usually comes out of the worst.

Yes, I agree:

"The American experience for a few generations has produced an adult population with very childish instincts, increasingly worse each decade"
More than American experience was that kind of comfortable lifestyle in which the "others" did and the average American mostly "enjoyed".
Safe job, safe environment, safe holidays, safe pension, and mostly saint weekend golfing or surfing or skiing.
That usually doesn’t let you grow up, because you do not need to.
Why bothering, when life is easy?

"We still think that "the path to success" is based on getting a college degree certifying people for a lifetime of sitting in an office cubicle. "

We have to realize that in times of evolution you cannot be useful to the society if your IQ is like the one of the machines you are supposed to use, may be even lower.
The average intelligence now has to be considered the IQ of an average PC.
That is what you have to compete with.
Muscles do not count anymore.
So, it is partially true that a college degree is for nothing.
Let's say it is not a discriminating point anymore.

What I cannot agree with is: "The economy we're evolving into will be un-global".
It would be a big mistake.
If you try to avoid a problem it comes back even bigger.
Competition is something you do not win just ignoring it.
Competition is what makes you better or, makes you dead.
Global is here to stay, either you cope with it, or you die for it.

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