Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas gets closer

Christmas gets closer and there is a small problem in the Broghammer family.
Well, as a matter of fact, it is mainly a Mr. Broghammer's problem, but it reflects on the family's armony and consequently it is also a Mrs. Broghammer's problem.

Mrs. Broghammer has become a grandmother since November 3 of a nicely spoiled little bratt in Genova.
The grandson's mother is the daughter of Mrs. Broghammer from her previous marriage.
And everything would be perfectly fine if the daughter hadn't married.
She could have had the child and so on, as millions of other girls.
But she loves traditions and the classic way to produce children.
"How dramatically boring!" says Mrs. Broghammer who usually begins with the children and eventually goes to marriages.
But that is: the Hippy Revolution, was just for nothing.
Once they married for love and made children for the same reason, also without husband.
Now they marry for convenience and make children because they have to.

Well, going back to the Broghammers, this young girl not only married, but choose also a very peculiar husband who is nice in his peculiar way.
Too bad his peculiar way IS NOT the way Mr. Broghammer likes.

The result is that whatever he does or plans to do is wrong and eccentric and stupid.
To that you add the fact that this young man has a friend who is very FOND of IT and is always brought as EXAMPLE of a genius in IT...
That is something you should never do, at least when Mr. Broghammer is there.

Well, to make short a long story, we have to spend TWO days with my daughter in Genova and Mr. Broghammer is sure it will be just Christmas day!!
I still do not know how to break the shocking news to him and have to study something...

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