Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We need more honesty than complicated derivatives

Since the word honesty is an abstract concept, we need some international monetary standard like gold, which has a substance, a weight and is NOT CREATED by human
That is, whose quantity cannot be manipulated.
We need stability and since there is nothing anywhere able to guarantee this, it looks like we need something that cannot be corrupted or changed or doesn't have any motivation to "adapt".
What could better represent what we are looking for than gold?
When they begin to talk about "bad money" being better than "good money" and "mortgage to buy" in the hope that house values would continue to rise and eventually turn a profit, I tremble and see the beginning of the end.
I mean the end of any solution, because we have already reached the end of the road.

It all began some years ago.
There was a new way to see economy and finance.

It was what we call in Italy the "Catena di San Antonio".
It works this way:
One begins and finds six who pay a certain amount.
Every one of those six finds other sixs who pay, then anyone finds other sixs.
It all goes on pretty well, especially for the ones at the top.
But sooner or later the bottom has an end and everything falls.
There is no money for anybody.
Lucky the ones at the top who already transferred their big profits somewhere untouchable.

ALMOST EVERYTHING in USA worked and in some cases still works like this.
It is the best business model beginning from diet pills (do you remember Herbalife?) to the most sophisticated finance.
Primitive, but still working.

Well, going back to my gold.
If anything would have a safe guarantee, we would see more honest people.
Crime of course wouldn't disappear, but many more wouldn't dare.
And the basic principle of mathematics would be more than enough.
We need more honesty than complicated derivatives.

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