Sunday, December 28, 2008

The shoe of the year 2008

The Baydan Ducati 271 shoe is the SHOE of the year for 2008.

This is the most famous shoe in the world.
Journalist Muntazer Al Zaidi recently donated his to President Bush who was on a visit to Iraq, the Country to which Bush has been exporting democracy in recent years.
Muntazer now finds himself in prison, facing a sentence of up to 15 years, in other words seven and a half years per shoe. The court case is due to begin next week. He will be charged with attacking a foreign Head of State during the course of an official visit.
Support has come from all over the world for Muntazer, who is being seen as the victim of a judicial error.
The Turkish Company Baydan is busy producing 500,000 pairs of Ducati 271 shoes for all those people that especially wish to bid a special farewell to georgedoubleyoubush.
We too have not held back.
One Italian company is currently distributing their own model of shoe, bearing the name of the journalist Muntazer on the Arab market. Muntazer’s brother, Thargam al Zeidi, has not taken it very well. He announced that he intends to take the company to court for infringement of copyrights.
Any “Made in Italy” item that a journalist could throw at Berlusconi would become an instant success worldwide. The throwing of objects at Berlusconi could provide a much needed kick start for our exports.
I understand that this would be difficult because the journalists can’t even get close enough to him to ask him a question.
They wouldn’t even dare to throw a feather at him, which is a pity because "Berlusconi shoes" would sell like hot cakes all around the world and would be worth at least an additional two points on our Gross Domestic Product.
Muntazer’s shoes were destroyed by the Iraqi security services for fear that they may contain explosives. This was a big mistake, it was only a gesture of affection. Let’s give our own politicians some shoes. They are facing a long walk in the New Year. The shoes will be very useful to them. Here are some suggestions for the 2009 winter-spring season.
Napolitano: an old Hungarian boot
To Berlusconi: a pair of seven-league boots to ensure a safe escape in 2009
Veltroni: brownish-pink, PDwithoutanel-coloured booties for the matinee, as well as a pair of slip-on sandals for the afternoon at the beach
D'Alema, Violante and Fassino: little red shoes and a tutu, perfect for their last tango in Arcore
Brunetta: a pair of platform shoes
Calderoli: Lega-green galoshes for pigsty workers
Carfagna: a pair of glass slippers to be worn on the next date
Gelmini: black, thigh-high leather boots, and may be a matching whip.
Bassolino: downhill ski-boots for the refuse dumps in Campania.
Start a collection of old shoes instead of simply littering them.
They could soon be very useful.

Liberally taken from Beppe Grillo

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