Monday, December 15, 2008

Business Plans for a better Future

In the war of "Business Plans for a better future" I found:

"The root problem with both of their approaches, as far as urban and suburban transportation at least, is their failure to recognize that the real problem is due to the curious notion that the automobile has to be self-contained, and that it somehow has to carry its own energy supply along with it."


"It strikes me that a better design concept is one that is based on a PASSIVE VEHICLE (lightweight, cheap, safe, very-long-lived) pushed about by an intelligent, modular, active guideway system."


"Moving to an active, intelligent guideway also brings with it a whole array of other revolutionary advantages... you eliminate traffic snarls, traffic law violations and accidents. You eliminate driver error, drunk driving, and vehicle breakdowns. "


"Distributed intelligence in the guideway system allows us to eliminate the need for a central control system... improving reliabilty and allowing the system to be enlarged and modified in an incremental and modular way, rather like a LAN, the Internet, or the worldwide telephone system."

Congratulation Mr. Gordon Peterson! I guess you just described the Railroad infrastructure.

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