Thursday, December 11, 2008

Meet the Broghammers

Of course the Broghammers have different tastes in movies (as in many other things).
What they do (different and opposite to what the usual couples do)is competing in pleasing one the other.
I admit I am the one who fights with lesser strength, so that I am the one who usually looses.
That means we mostly look at movies I LIKE.
But that doesn't mean they are low quality.
They are just my taste.
Unless of course I am fed up and want to look at something else.
That is when Mr. Broghammer looses, and we happily look at something he likes.
Too bad I fall asleep quite soon and he, very nicely I must admit, sacrifies himself and stops, so that we usually see MY FAVORITE movies and half of his...

One of the favourite of Mr. Broghammer is The Godfather.
We bought the Premium Tapes, but since they were not good enough, a few years later we bought the DVDs.
I guess this is one of the movies I saw around ten times and I know almost everything of it.
I happen to be the cousin of the Demaria who sold a property called Fleur du Lake to Mr. Coppola, where he made the Godfather number 2.
It is the place where Michael used to live.
I was there when they prepared the place and still have some nice pictures.

I think it is a mixture of his love for Italy and its recent history (mafia and co.) that fascinates my husband.
May be it is also the fact that I WAS THERE with the fact that it is a very good movie, well all together he loves it so much.

As for me, I really do not have favourites.
There are some that I like, some that I like very much and some I cannot stand...
Luckily, one thing we do not lack is the number...

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