Friday, December 12, 2008

Like frogs

Sometimes I think people as frogs in a saucepan.
They began in a warm Luke water, almost nice and soporific.
With one degree at a time we have reached the boiling point.
But nobody sees it.
We are all numb to the point we do not realize we are boiled alive.
A few degrees more and we will be ALL gone.
Information is almost under control.
The Internet is following.
They talk about Car2.0, as if the car industry was someway similar to the Internet.
Everything that is new and successful is "Like the iPod".
I didn't see anything new in it, apart from a nice design and some new functions.
I didn't see any revolution, any "killing” new" business plan.
You can download music, but the difference is that you do it "legally" "paying".
Where is the revolution in that?
I thought Napster was far more a revolution.
At least you could see it almost as a "revolution".
The "fuck off" revolution against the few that control the market, control the society, control the politic, control our life.
Is it a revolution paying 0.99 per title, instead a full CD?
I would call it a "sale" or a "price reduction" or a "let's try to finish with this illegal downloading".

What nobody sees, because he doesn't want to see, is that this kind of "a few that earn" and "the mass that consumes" doesn't work anymore.
What they do not see is that ten cars for one person is a goal which is not only unreachable, but unwise.
It was much better when there was one car for every family, and may be not for all, and that car lasted a few years and the streets were drivable and the towns were liveable, and the people didn't make many debts for buying things they didn't need, they instead used their legs and their brains to think and NOT to be instructed passively on what they would like to eat, to use, to wear, to live.
It was much better when life belonged to us and not to the "few".
I do not want to be a boiling frog, I want to be a human being...

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