Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WE ALL have to change, in order the ALL will change, so that ALL can go on to be the same..

When we say something has to change we ALWAYS mean "the others" have to change.
No more crooks, bankers, corrupted politicians, just have to go out of the scene and here comes a brand new team, ready for the "change" so that in reality nothing really changes, so that we can go on living as we always did, a little bit better may be.
But the "Bengodi" country doesn't really exist.
We tried to make one out of the existing world, it lasted a little while, long enough to think it was possible and now, when it is clear it is something like a "virtual mirage” we cannot believe it.
Well, why not going on this way?
A few Bail outs, a little help here, a bigger there, so that the picture of a smiling society can go on shining on our horizon.

But, as sad as it can look, it won't work.
Machines do not work if you do not feed them, and energy is getting expensive and rarer, while appetites are getting bigger.
As much as you try to correct and adjust mathematical laws, they go back to their original simplicity and beauty.
One plus one is always two and one minus two makes always minus one.
And if you do not have one, but just half you cannot go on consuming two.

Or you can say time and materia are the same.
They exist because men exist.
Once you die, no materia, not time exists anymore (at least for you).
But that doesn't help the fact that while you exist, they both exist and if the solution is dyeing, I do not think it is a good solution...

I think the only way out would be what won't certainly be.
The acknowledging that WE ALL have to change, in order the ALL will change.
So that ALL can go on to be the same...I mean in order to provide a future to ALL...

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