Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Comparing two "collapses"

Interesting and in one sense unavoidable comparing USSR to USA.
I wouldn't talk about collapsing in the case of USA.
I would rather talk about "decline" and if there is a right comparison it is with the Roman Empire.
The USSR collapsed because the system was unable to provide an average living standard to his people, while the USA, or the Capitalistic system, was able to achieve it.
It is without any doubt that the lifestyle of the two Nations is very different.
If this would be the only reason I would compare USA with Rome and the fact that the Roman Empire existed as long as the Romans had a healthy lifestyle.
When it degenerated, when people forgot that money comes working and working hard, there began the decline.
And that is not only unavoidable, that is RIGHT.
Because the USSR or the USA do NOT have the Monopoly of the World, because people sooner or later want their share of the cake and are going to get it, in one way or in the other.
If a Nation fails to understand this simple principle, will disappear.
This is the LAW of History, the LAW of Nature.
This is what we call Justice.

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