Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Broghammers' telephone

The telephone is a technical device both the Broghammers hate.
They belong to the 3% of people in Italy who do not own a cell phone.
Mrs. Broghammer's mother was so ashamed of it that she offered to buy one for them.
And she didn't want to hurt her daughter's feelings and even offered the right excuse to own one "So you will always be in touch with everybody!".
That (she didn't know) was the point.
The Broghammers DO NOT WANT to be in touch with anybody anytime.
Mrs. Broghammer's daughter calls every day (on the normal phone) to tell how the weather is in Genova, how many degrees and what they forecast for the next day, in which she will have one thing more to discuss besides how the weather is: how it was supposed to be.
Now that she is a mother the conversations are of course longer.
She has to reveal the timetable of the meals and baths and whatever a new born child usually does.
And the lenght of the telephone calls will automatically upgrade with the child's coming into this world with voice and sounds and steps.
In order to avoid so (and for other reasons too) the Broghammers will go to live in Germany.
"The telephone calls from Italy to Germany will be so expensive, they will last a few minutes and be not so often...." says smiling Mr. Broghammer.

But in Genova they are exactly the opposite.
They spend 80% of their time on the telephone.
In Italy there are four main cell phone companies.
They both have four cell phones each, in order to get advantage of ALL the special offers of ALL the cell providers....
Not only.
Mrs. Broghammer's son in law KNOWS practically EVERY offer of mobile and fix telephone companies.
He WAS SO CLEVER to find a special offer on international calls.
You pay a fix amount a month and you can call in EUROPE, as long and as much as you like.
And, not to miss it, he already SUBSCRIBED, since NOVEMBER.
Well, young people, they do not miss a chance to fuck old people!

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