Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Why low priced oil is not good

Recession is a word that today has almost more importance than birth or death.
Those two are just MOMENTS of our life, they lasts a few seconds, while the average duration of an average life is around 80 or a little less.
Life and the way we live it is much more important.
That is why ALL commercials and commercials products are for the living persons and for life.

Sometimes the way we see life is even more important than the way we actually live it, so much that, even though we are in a recession, and even though the recession at now didn't hit the whole of the population, the feeling and the belief that we are actually IN RECESSION has spread an atmosphere of pessimism that drives all what we do, all what we think of doing.

If there is a recession and if we have to find a way out of it, I do not think that what they are doing is exactly what they should do.
Let's look at the car industry.
There is a brilliant way in which all the problems of car producers' would be solved.
And it is not even far from reality (or realisation).
If they would finally produce a car that doesn't need oil and saves the environment, they would sell so many of it that they wouldn't be able to produce.
It is several years now that they promised the hydrogen car and they already proved it works and it is feasible.

Second issue.
The wind power, the solar power, they are feasible too.
Right now they are a little bit more expensive than oil at$48, but the investment would have a very high return, bringing the energy independence West needs more than anything, the security to have an available and cheap (the more you produce, the cheaper it gets)energy.
So, why suddenly oil gets so cheap and the States find money Just to rescue criminals, to go on in an irrational run toward destruction, towards dependence and following wars and instability?

Because the State IS the BIG OIL CORPORATIONS.

They do not WANT people producing and consuming alternative energy.
They do not want cars that consume something different from oil...

WHEN will we see the truth and REALLY begin to build something new?


Anonymous said...

All those economic changes affect the global life... the world isn't goint in the right way.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. There will not be any change because those in power get money from the daily consumption of fossil fuels. Once they have investments in alternate forms of energy we will see this change.