Monday, March 12, 2007

About birthdays

Is it somebody's birthday?
Or your own?
I like to make gifts to myself and my birthday is usually a good excuse.
When it comes to me, of course, I always know what to buy, usually the problem is knowing what NOT to buy.
But when it comes to somebody else I always lack ideas.
If you live in UK (but also somewhere else, many are willing to ship internationally) there is a website that collects all the addresses of a wide range of Birthday Gifts ideas' suppliers.
You do not have to spend time shopping. You can sit in front of your computer and choose.
And they also have good suggestions.
Sometimes you do not have the palest idea that meets your money expectations, but there you can really find just the right thing.
Let's be honest, if we could just forget the budget, there wouldn't be any problem...
I am always looking for something that looks expensive, but comes cheap, and that is USUALLY hard to spot...
But they search the web for the best deals on any category (and I didn't count them, but I never saw more all together...) so, you save time and money.
Besides that they have things I didn't even know they existed!
So, you can have a good chance to make a very unique present...

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