Friday, March 16, 2007

Greek Mythology and General Philosophy

The contrast between light and darkness was the first mental germ that developed afterwards into the contrast between good and evil.
And by slow degrees that lead inevitably to the highest abstraction of religion, morality and philosophy.
And the culture of today is nothing else than putting old thoughts into new words, old wine into new bottles.
That is the answer to those who ask: why do we study ancient religions and philosophy?
Because all what we think and do today was written long ago in the ancient books of mythology and philosophy.
The greatest of all arts is the art of life, and the best of all music is the harmony of spirits.
It is on this view that is looking for great creative writers to compose high quality articles on Greek Mythology and General Philosophy.
Greek mythology was the Greeks' religion and the fundamental of every religion of the past, and also of the religions of the present.
Because the past is not passed, it belongs to us more than the present, we feed on it as long as we live.
All religions had the same purpose, all were links in a chain which connects heaven and earth.
The Gods in the Greek mythology were much more human than the God of the actual religions, but in the Greek mythology there are old stones that we cannot reject.
The same and even more so for Philosophy .
How actual is Aristoteles ? Man is the measurer of all things, and what is science but the reflection of the outer world on the mirror of the mind?
Or Plato? All here on earth tends toward right, and truth and Perfection, nothing here on earth can ever be quite right, quite true, quite perfect. We are still in a cave seeing but the light of the ideal truth.

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