Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The good news about news...

Richard Benefits offers some eloquent industrial-age advice:

Here’s what I’d tell the children:

"The good news about the news is that there’s no shortage of news. The best experts forecast a nearly boundless supply of news clear into the next century, so the news conservation efforts of the past (recycling, echo-chambering, and other forms of plagiarism) are no longer necessary and will phase out as soon as we have the means to harvest the coming bumper-crop of news."

The good news is that, since it is so easy and so cheap to read the news, more people read them.
The not too good news is that increasing the audience means a decreasing in quality.
Sometimes it is hard to see what is news and what is gossip, the second being the most requested (and thus the one producing a better revenue).

But news or gossip or ads or blogs, the positive thing is that people read again and read more and like to read more.
And they are getting so fond of news that many have taken to write. That is the Magic of our time (and the Internet).
Giving opportunities to readers and to writers.
And with all this big writing and reading we won’t certainly lack news…

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