Monday, March 26, 2007

Where is "Blogging" going?

Blogging software is about adding features, growing ecosystem (technorati, digg etc. steph-note: god am I sick of those popularity things), pseudo-blogging things (Twitter etc. *steph-note: I don’t agree with Twitter being called a “microblogging” platform.)
Who writes for who? (Twitter: an individual writing for a small bunch of friends.)
Getting paid for blogging? Ads… or indirect revenue. Micropayments (indiekarma — looks interesting).

By (Stephanie Booth)

I have a personal view about blogging and the Internet.
The Internet is getting everyday more, for most of Internet users, something like an addiction, in the sense that is getting our second life.
The first, the real one is the one where we satisfy our material needs (eating, drinking and sleeping) the second is a new wide and wild world where we travel, entertain ourselves, in a few world live so intensely that the virtual part of it is getting more real than reality.
It is a democratic world, the only democratic place on this earth.
Because you are exactly like any other Internet user.
You can do all the things that anybody else can do.
And most of all, you can live how and where you like.
And who cares if when you switch off your computer your second life disappears?
You'll go back as soon as possible...

And what about blogging?
That is one of the communication means in your virtual life.
It is your home where you talk about yourself and what you think.
It is the place where you exchange ideas, where you find other people ideas.
It is the place where brains meet, where the virtual life finds its best expression.
It is the good addiction you cannot live without.

All the rest is JUST tecgnology

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