Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Maui and Sanfre'

"Those who managed to stop smoking marijuana long enough to string two consecutive thoughts together grokked the related notions of tropical paradise and land development with predictable results. That is, they turned the place into just an annex of California." Jim Kunstler

Maui is certainly a piece of Paradise compared to Sanfre', the place where I live.
But the people living here and there prove that the "Globalization" began long ago.
They prove that man, is the same, independently from where he is born.
And that greediness and corruption find fertile land all over the Globe (thus the word globalization)
Here in Sanfre' the building market has grown so much since the City Hall was allowed to tax and tax every year more for square cm. built or rebuilt.
Houses were built so close one to the other that you can look at your neighbor from your window and shake hands without risking to fall down.
You hear ALL what your neighbors say, so much that printing a local newspaper is useless, nobody would buy it, since everybody already knows everything.
It is like a Network from the first house of the row to the last one.
You open the shower in the bathroom of the first house and you get immediately clean on house 1257.
In 1258 you just get the leftover, since the water pressure is what it is, with 1257 houses before yours.
That is something that still needs to be fixed.

And what about the landscape?
I wouldn't worry too much, not for Maui, not for Sanfre'.
As Jim Kunstler says, "all man-made things are worthless pieces of shit" and thus they won't survive long...One day or another soon, Nature will get back what was stolen...

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