Thursday, March 15, 2007

Again about: Is it right phone tapping?

What is "right" is very specific to each culture/country, and sometimes to a political party or ethnic group. How do we all reach common ground to say when it is appropriate to restrict dissemination of information -- if it ever is?
The problem is not whether some particular speech/information should be restricted or not. Of course there are always some who will want to ban and some who will want to defend in any situation -- or there would not be a conflict. Democracy, of course, doesn't work to solve these issues, which is why such rights are normally constitutionally enshrouded to assure that democratic forces (at least simple majorities) do not have the power to make decisions on such issues.

The reason for this is not about any particular censorship target.
The real problem is once you decide there is information which must be censored, you must have a censor. A human or group of humans who will decide. And history seems to show that power is always abused.
Sometimes it is used in a way you like. But it always is later used in a way you don't like.
Thus the only winning move is not to play.

Brad Templeton

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