Friday, March 09, 2007

Believe in the possibilities of the impossible

"Believe In the Possibilities of the Impossible!", is a closing line from one of the better TV movies of late, "Jim Henson's 'Jack and the Beanstalk,' the Real Story." This movie does a fine job of reminding us that there can be very different ways of looking at the same set of events. And that sometimes, events force us to believe in the "impossible."

In fact, "impossible" is the word that comes to many peoples' minds as we continue to explore both the evolutionary and the revolutionary PayPerPost online advertising is up to...

Do I go too far?

May be, but I am just trying to guess.

In my distorted mind I think that this request of "What do you think we will be announcing?" is but a way to have new ideas.
I mean, they probably do not know yet what that will be, they will just read and then choose the best suggestion.
Because, yes, I think this new way to advertise on the Internet using bloggers is a wonderful way to find new ideas.
"Ideas need a home. They need a place to go. They need people to review them".
What better place than 18.000 blogs and what better home than 18.000 bloggers' minds?

Fresh, bright, new ideas served everyday on 18.000 posts (or more)on the Internet, the Land of Ideas...

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