Wednesday, March 21, 2007

How to Make Good Luck?

"So how do you make good luck happen? Beats me!"

Georganna Hancock blogs about writing matters at Writer’s Edge .

How many times we heard: this or that was the turning point of my life...this or that happened and changed the way I was living and so on...
But things happen and we just follow events, in our own personal way, which follows our own personal attitude toward life.
In life we have to choose and we choose and we do this or that and we do right or wrong, we simply do because we cannot not do or we do nothing because we are the types to do nothing and we just look at life and wait and we still wait when it is too late.
This is not my case, I always do, I cannot stay without doing, may be I do too much and I do also for the ones who never do, but that is life and you decide to live it the way you can.
May be that is free will or free consequences or luck or unluck.
There is nothing that is 100% good as there is nothing that is 100% wrong.
It is always up to the point of view.
So, how to make good luck?
I do not think that there is a secret recipe to make good luck.
You just do and sometimes it is a lucky move and sometimes it isn't.
If we knew, we wouldn't live, we would just be able to fulfill what we think is going to bring us happiness to realize that it doesn't...

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