Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Electronic paper

"The truth is that paper lacks context unless you count footnotes – which you should but they’re so dead."
Tom Evslin

You exactly centered the issue.
With a piece of paper (or a book) you can read and learn what IS in the book.
While if you use the Internet you have the full world (or a part of it) and a computer that organizes it...

That without any doubt IS the goal and we will reach it somewhere, somehow in the future.
For the moment it is and still remains a dream, because it would be too expensive to have schools with a computer for every student and a connection for every student.
We have to spend for wars, that look far more important than education...
Nevertheless there has been made a little step towards the future: EPD
What is an EPD?

An Electronic Paper Display is a display that possess a paper-like high contrast appearance, ultra-low power consumption, and a thin, light form. It gives the viewer the experience of reading from paper, while having the power of updatable information.

EPDs are a technology enabled by electronic ink - ink that carries a charge enabling it to be updated through electronics. Electronic ink is ideally suited for EPDs as it is a reflective technology which requires no front or backlight, is viewable under a wide range of lighting conditions, including direct sunlight, and requires no power to maintain an image.
As I understand you can reuse the same piece of paper (alike) and fill it electronically.
This is going to be the book of the future.
Always on and always with you.
Much better than carrying a computer...
Well, may be you cannot follow the links when you are offline, but you can read a nice book like " an historic murder mystery set in the Internet bubble and rubble" while you travel on a train, and then you can delete it and read some Tom Evslin articles you just got from the Internet and why not?
You could bookmark my blogs and see what's new there...

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