Saturday, March 31, 2007

WWW What Women Want

There are posts I particularly enjoy writing.
Those are the most trivial ones, but they have a special feature: they make me dream.
And, yes I am able to solve on this post a part of one of the hottest question for a man: WWW WhatWomenWant.
If they were able to enter a woman's mind, very often they would be quite hot and ambiguous encounters, no special needs, no hidden sensual dreams.
Women very often are simple creatures: they like shopping.
And they like shopping for the best the market can offer.
And if this best comes with a special discount is even better, not because they can save, but because with the same money they can buy more.
And where can they fulfill part of their dreams?
At Coupon Chief they can find coupon codes of over 1000 shops. Well, I know, sometimes you are really looking for the 1001 that is not there, but you can easily find the 878 that is very close to it (and sometimes reveals even a better bargain).
Coming back to me and my dreams, What Would I Want?
I just saw Las Vegas: $75 Off on 4 Night Flight + Hotel vacations and that looks really what I need right now.

But of course I also need to renew my wardrobe just for that trip.
So, I think I will also take advantage of 15% Off on Handbags Shoes Dresses & more at Bluefly that sounds great, with special offers on designer brand.
And if I have a little bit of money left, why not 15% Off on all PH and G Photo Paper Kits . I will certainly take photos there... Las Vegas and NEW CLOTHES...

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