Sunday, March 18, 2007

The globalization of clones.

Fred Wilson has an interesting idea: "Superdistribution means turning every consumer into a distribution partner. Every person who buys a record, a movie, reads a newspaper, a book, every person who buys a Sonos or a Vespa becomes a retailer of that item. It's word of mouth marketing, referral marketing, but with one important difference. The consumer is the retailer."

Or it could be just the opposite.
Very often word of mouth and customer's service are highly underestimated, and mostly because our economy is in the hands of a few monopolists.
And every day more so.
It is like a Mafia of higher level.
Buying the political help or involving politicians in enterprises is since long the way to rule the Economy without caring for the consumers.
On one side they make sure to have the power and on the other side they make sure to push the consumers to consume more and more brainwashing them.
Typical example is the "cell phone addiction".
Especially among the young people they are getting something you cannot live without.
They talk since long of the danger of the possibility of "cloning" the human race.
But nobody sees that a Psychological cloning is up since long.
Especially among young people (but middle age are no different, they just consume something else) all over the world you can trace the "typical clone".
Used jeans, rotten clothes and accessories, the latest model of cell phone and iPod.
The same tastes, the same words, even if in a different language.
This is the real globalization: The globalization of clones.

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