Sunday, March 18, 2007

Multimedia "contenting"

Even small papers in Britain understand that the key to the future is training. At Trinity Mirror:

And a training programme to improve journalists’ multimedia skills and give them the chance to contribute content ideas has also been launched. This includes a series of week-long video journalism courses and a series of one-day multimedia workshops, which will be attended by more than 70 journalists in the North West region before being rolled out across the division.

“to improve journalists’ multimedia skills”
I think that is a very good idea.
You often find “multimedia skills” in people who have no content to put in multimedia and people with good content who do not know how to present it in “multimedia”.
And of course, since good brains producing good content is something much more difficult to train than “multimedia skills” they go into the right direction.
If the mountain doesn’t go anymore to Mohamed, then Mohamed has to learn how to go to the mountain…

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