Monday, March 19, 2007

Why an ad on the Net is MUCH more effective...

Scott Karp writes:

We've all heard that page views are dying...

I answer:

Ok, let's make a few calculations.
Let's say that an ad on a TV with 500.000 viewers costs $500.000. (I do not know how much it costs, I'm guessing and assuming a number which I believe as possible)
Let's assume that a PayPerPost ad on a blog which costs $5 is read by 5 people.
The cost is exactly the same.
But those five people ACTUALLY read the post and the 500.000 viewers just DO NOT SEE the ad anymore.
Unless you are giving away something attractive for an even more attractive price.
The TV viewers will SEE it and think: that is interesting and I could EVENTUALLY buy it.
How many will remember it a few hours later?
While if THE SAME is written and you read it and it is reachable with the click of the mouse, how many do you think will actually buy IT?

I guess this example explains that advertising on the NET can be much more effective.
And of course I am talking about selling and buying, which is why there are advertisers and people who write advertisements...

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