Thursday, March 22, 2007

Drug addiction

Just this morning on the Italian news they were talking about a predictable increase in the use of cocaine of 50% next year.
The big problem is that the drug is so cheap right now that it costs like a package of cigarette.
But, even though smoking can be dangerous and addicting too, the use of cocaine is much worse.
First because the damages it does to the users and second because it is the way to much more dangerous drugs, like LSD and Heroin.
The drug treatment is not just a physical treatment to fight the addiction, that is probably the easier part.
It is the person and his psychological behavior that must be treated.
It is his lifestyle and his habits and his approach to life that have to change.
And who can help in this, better than people who WERE addicted and arrived to drugs and know what and how because they LIVED it?
"Stone Hawk stands by the Narconon® program, because the Narconon program worked for us when other programs failed."
That is what they say and I personally believe that the ONLY way to save a person who is addicted to ANY kind of drugs (talking of light and heavy has no sense) is to help him to do it Himself.
In a few words, if you do not want it, nobody will ever be able to oblige you and you will always fall back into it.
The only way is THE HARD way, the self understanding way and I believe in what they promise: "Start a new life at Narconon Stone Hawk and let the healing begin. Learn how to save a life, and your family."

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