Monday, March 26, 2007

Cell phones on a plane

1. On a personal basis I certainly share Mike's view that we don't need people sitting at our elbow on a plane yelling into cell phones. [When confronted with a cell phone user at an adjacent table in a restaurant I often ask the inconsiderate person to step outside; I really like the idea of trying this on a plane....]

I don't now if this will be controlled by FCC policy, airline policy, social pressure, or market pressures. But years ago I liked Morris Air (a non-smoking airline) and regularly stayed in the "Non-Smokers Inn" in Dallas.
A NYT article from 22 years ago: fullpage.html?sec=travel&res=9E0DE0DB1038F931A3575AC0A962948260

2. Thus, I have no desire to encourage cell phone use on planes.

David Farber

I sometimes wonder if I am a special "alien" since i belong to the 3% of people living in Italy who doesn't use a cell phone.
And I am doing pretty well without it.
Everybody is talking about the "relationship era" but what I see around me are just people quarreling and fighting.
Welcome a little bit of silence!

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