Thursday, March 22, 2007

Where is the World going?

VCs have always made money at finding the ideal point of friction between the Present and the Future. Profits accumulate in the gap between What Is and What Is Possible. Web 2.0 is now firmly in the category of What Is.

The only thing I can say in defense of "Web 2.0" is that it's not "Venture Capital" (from Google Trends).
Peter Rip, General Partner, Crosslink Capital

It warms my heart to see that a VC understood that the Web is getting less "Venture Capital".
Because that is exactly what the Internet shouldn't be.
Very few have understood the potential of the Web, because, in spite of the growing amount of users, it still is "a world apart" at least for the big part of the world population.
To be World Wide it needs to be world spread, which is not right now, but it will.
That is going to mean that there is no need for VC, since with the Web... (whatever number it will be), everything will be "cheaply possible".
Just think how much it costs now a day to start a publishing business in the usual way and how much IT WOULD cost to start a publishing business in the electronic format.
Or to compose music in the traditional way and with a computer.
You can have a "one man orchestra".
The Killing applications of the future will be the ones that will allow exactly this: building a world where you just need your brain to start your own business.
All the rest will be JUST technology.
And slowly we are coming to that.

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