Monday, March 19, 2007


While perusing Techmeme this morning I came across a thread of discussions surrounding the much-talked-about “A-List” class of bloggers, PayPerPost...
Reader Meet Author

Who told you that the bloggers who write a PayPerPost post do not enjoy writing it?
And what do advertisers expect from a post?
If they expect a technical review they are in the wrong place.
And also you are wrong if you think that a blog should be written by an expert on that subject.
You can find millions of articles on the Net written by experts on any possible subject.
So what do people want to find in a blog?
There is one only answer: something they enjoy reading.
And between millions of bloggers and millions of readers there is the Internet, the Magic tool that let's you enter in people's life and read what they like to write about themselves, about their life, about their hobbies, about everything.
And if you like it, you can go on reading and come back tomorrow to see if there is another amusing post, if you don't you just leave and never come back.
That is life and that is what PayPerPost is.
Something that connects bloggers to advertisers.
Good bloggers and bad bloggers, good advertisers and bad advertisers.
And what an advertiser mainly wants is to find somebody talking about himself or his products in a way that many people like to read it.
Just like advertisers on TV.
They want their ads advertised in the best way to catch the most and they pay in base of the "audience".
With the difference that you can forget to pay 5 dollars to have something spoken of on TV.
That is what PayPerPost is building.
And alternative and cheaper way to advertise on the Internet.
Because Banners, Ads, and so on have proved to be almost ineffective.
Good way, bad way?
"Ai posteri l'ardua sentenza"...I think you do not understand italian, but I am sure you'll understand what I mean.
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