Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How to get the best out of your savings

I know that it might sound anachronistic talking about savings in a period in which most of the people are struggling to actually "borrow".
But if you are among the lucky ones who can still save and invest part of his savings here are some useful tips how to get the most of it.
I know, I always was the one to shout that the best investment for your money was enjoying it, but once in a while I still have some wisdom and prefer to enjoy a little bit less or enjoy things that do not cost too much and just Save to enjoy tomorrow...
If you have 100 today you could find yourself with 110 in twelve months, not bad...
But how and where?
You can Compare online banking, find a savings account or checking account and earn more interest today with and I assure you that you can really find interesting ways to DIY much better that what your usual Bank has to offer.
Never heard about competition?
Well, in a moment in which people do not save and spend there is a big war out there to get what's left.
And, as usual, in the banks' war the customer is the winner.
Providing he is able to choose the best ( which is what best suits him).
So, coming back to the beginning, I was there and it really pays off to give it a try...

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