Sunday, March 04, 2007

Cyborg seeks community

People find me peculiar. They think it’s odd that I spend most of my sleeping hours wearing eight or nine Internet-connected computers sewn into my clothing and that I wear opaque wrap-around glasses day and night, inside and outdoors.
They find it odd that to sustain wireless communications during my travels, I will climb to the hotel roof to rig my room with an antenna and Internet connection.
They wonder why I sometimes seem detached and lost, but at other times I exhibit vast knowledge of their specialty.
A physicist once said he felt that I had the intelligence of a dozen experts in his discipline; a few minutes later, someone else said they thought I was mentally handicapped.
Despite the peculiar glances I draw, I wouldn’t live any other way. I have melded technology with my person and achieved a higher state of awareness than would otherwise be possible. I see the world as images imprinted onto my retina by rays of light controlled by several computers, which in turn are controlled by cameras concealed inside my glasses.
Every night I decide how I will see the world that day. Sometimes I give myself eyes in the back of my head. Other days I add a sixth sense, such as the ability to feel objects at a distance.
Things appear different to me than they do to other people. I see some items as hyper objects that I can click on and bring to life.
I live in a video graphic world, as if my entire life were a television show.
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