Saturday, March 31, 2007

Marketing the Unknown


Can you market the unknown, the untouchable, something nobody can prove to exist?
It looks like the answer is not only YES, but that this Market has proved to be much more profitable than any other.

It is so profitable that it was born at the dawn of humanity, it grew and it is still the most profitable business on this earth.
Because it fulfills one of the biggest need of the human being: the answer to why and how and when and what Will happen of ME?

It is the Religion Market, the Market of the Life that WILL come, the Market of the dreams and expectations of humanity.
Nobody wants to die, everybody wants ethernal life and Religion promises it.
Does Heaven exist?
Who cares? Who can tell?
The important is the Faith in it, the important is believing...

Nevertheless it looks like this profitable business, as all the others, needs once in a while a boost, so the Vatican had to relay on the services of McKinsey consultancy to "refresh" an image that is getting "old".
So "old" that, in spite of the expectations of the commissioner, it didn't come without a bill (and a substantial one too).

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