Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The easiest way to transfer money...

The easiest way to transfer money from a Bank to your account and then where you like to spend it, is certainly through a "Cashing In On credit card".
They say the third sure thing in life besides death and taxes is credit.
And it really looks they are right, if we have a glimpse to the amount of money lent and borrowed.
There are two players in the game: the lender and the borrower.
Of course BOTH want to make the best deal.
And the balance is usually on the side of the heavier dish.
Which in this case is without any doubt on the borrowing side...
The balance transfer rate is perhaps the most attractive and it has been used to advantage by many credit card users. Two good examples are credit card tarts and stoozers.
As the name suggests, credit card tarts move their money from credit card to credit card to take advantage of preferential interest rates and balance transfer deals.
Credit card tarts use 0% balance transfer offers to their advantage by moving their money to keep up with the latest deal. It works like this. A borrower with an outstanding balance on a loan, credit card or store card applies for a new credit card with a 0% balance transfer offer.
Once they receive the card, they transfer the balance onto the new card to take advantage of the preferential rate. This rate may last for a period of six to 12 months, depending on the card issuer. The borrower makes payments as usual, but these are used for clearing the debt.
Stoozers use 0% balance transfer deals to make money. To do this, they need a super balance transfer card. This is a card that allows them to pay money into a bank account without charging an additional fee. An alternative to this is a fee free credit card cheque that can also be used to pay money into a bank account.
The second aspect of stoozing is getting a high interest savings account.

Well, but where to find the details and how to?
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