Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What would I do with € 253?

€253 is the price of a Return ticket Milano-Toronto.
And that is what I would like to do.
Because I have never been there and I dream of going to Canada since long and also because there are so many things I like to do there that I couldn't choose a better place to go.
What would I do? Here are the ten best things to do in Toronto.

1) I would like to be on the tallest building of the world.
For somebody who is quite small that would be a great feeling...

2) I wouldn't miss the Canadian National Exhibition . Since I am fond of ethology I would consider to attend the hugely popular SuperDogs show with its new spectacle themed around "dog talk", entitled, "Woof, Woof, Arf, Arf, Bow Wow."
And I wouldn't miss the 11th Annual Toronto Urban Music Festival.

3) As a shopping lover I would go to the Eaton’s centre, and then see all of the trendy shops in the downtown area. It is one of the largest malls in Ontario, and is in the middle of the downtown area of Toronto.

4) I would spend my first evening just walking down on the main streets in the downtown area and go bar hopping.

5) I would try to see a sporting event or concert at the Skydome which is one of the first buildings of its kind to have a movable roof.

6) I would also look forward to visit the the golden horseshoe where there’s a ‘Little Italy’, a ‘Greek Street’ and a ‘Jewish District’. I would see the community, visit the cultural stores, restaurants, and be immersed in the culture.

7) On my itinerary is of course a special visit to the Royal Ontario Museum

8) And the Art Gallery of Ontario

9) The Metropolitan Toronto Zoo and...

10) Since I am adventurous, I would get a tattoo or piercing as a reminder of my trip... Some of the best tattoo artists and piercing locations are in the downtown Toronto area.
So, the only thing I still need is to find the € 253...
May be I could get some good ideas visiting the Foreign Exchange Market Who knows, if you exchange the right currency at the right moment you can easily make € 253 and may be something more...

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