Tuesday, March 20, 2007

And the YouTube Video of the Year Award Goes to…

Could this be the new big event of the year? Probably not, but YouTube is extending a virtual red carpet out to a list of people who submitted their videos to YouTube over the course of 2006, and deserve to be recognized. Starting today, you can vote for your favorite videos that you’d like to see win a YouTube Video Award – trophy included.

To make it easy, they’ve divided the awards into 7 different categories: most creative, most inspirational, best comedy, musician of the year, best commentary, and ‘most adorable video ever.” Users will have five days to vote, and the videos with the most votes in each category will win.

Mashable is reporting that the list of nominees will be here sometime today, but as of now while I’m writing this, that list is not yet available. I’m sure Lonelygirl15 will be on that list somewhere, and maybe even one of my favorites, Evolution of Dance.

There are lots of YouTube fans lurking around here, so which video if any do you think will be triumphant in any of the categories? I’m sure there are plenty of deserving recipients, but I’m only left to wonder, what will these acceptance speeches be like?

By Ashley

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