Thursday, March 29, 2007

Download an antivirus software from a virus-free source

It sounds funny, but it is not.
How many emails did you receive offering free antivirus software that in reality were nothing else than a way to fill your hard drive with viruses and spyware?
When it comes to cheat, let me say so, they have come a very long way...
Not so long ago somebody asked me (via email) to check my computer for spyware and offered a free software to do so.
Of course when I checked I found such a disaster that I hardly could understand how I could still use anything or doing anything considering the contamination degree.
And of course the same source offered to come at my rescue with another software that this time was not completely free, but considering the urgency and the situation looked quite affordable...

Well, now you can download free Norton Antivirus software directly from Google and I guess that Google could be trusted as reliable source (or at least among reliable sources).
And it is FREE.
Where is the catch?
I still have to find it out, but I guess you can consider it as a way to introduce you to other Google's software, which I, on my side, find useful, at least some of them.
Of course when they offer the free reader it is because somebody will use the software to produce the product you will be able to read...

So, what do you have to do?
Just go to Free antivirus Download , look at all the optional features and take advantage of this offer.
Because an antivirus is something nobody can survive without anymore...

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