Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Building a society of idiots won't make a better future...

"InfoWorld, though, is a for-profit business not unlike the businesses many of you run or work for. I am an editor, which means I answer to the readers, not the advertisers. That will never change.
Nonetheless, I also know how the business works, or in some cases, doesn't work. The ad-driven economic model that supported print magazines for years (publishers deliver a steady stream of highly qualified readers, and advertisers pay for the privilege of putting ads in front of them) is unraveling. Given the alternative, advertisers want more immediate gratification and measureable results than print can afford them. On the Web, they can know who and how many people are viewing their message; they can target specific audiences and know exactly what they are getting. They can engage potential customers directly in ways print magazines never allowed.
There's no more guesswork."

The bad part of the new way of targeting specific audiences is the exasperation of it.
There is no mid way.
Either one or the other.
Profit IS king and value is just "price" or what "most like".
This brings to a progressive degradation of everything that involves information and entertainment.
Who says that what is profitable couldn't also be worth?
Who says that everything must be done with an IMMEDIATE ROI?
Sometimes the real profit IS in the future and what looks profitable today will be extremely dangerous tomorrow.
Building a society of idiots won't make a better future...

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