Friday, March 02, 2007

The importance of being "always on"

Service criteria including availability, quality of service (QOS),security etc should be a basic part of any website or business on the Internet.
A well structured, efficient, safe, data center is the only way to guarantee 24 hours a day, seven days a week that your website and your data, whatever they are, will be available to anybody.

That is what Server Colocation Charlotte NC is offering.
But not only.
Whether you choose colocation, dedicated server, managed services or disaster recovery Charlotte Data Center delivers the highest level of security, safety, redundancy, reliability, scalability and technology.
They offer special building features such as lightning protection, 24-hour physical security monitors for all cameras, door positions, and badge access areas.
In the data center you have conditioned air from below to push hot air up for more efficient and effective cooling of computer equipment, sensor-driven cameras watching every door, aisle, cage, and cabinet, NOC, NODE, and other secure support rooms.
They even have a hurricane wind rated roof!
Regarding security: locks are impossible to “pick” because they require unique laser-etched keys with magnetic signatures, keys can only be ordered by two people in the company, they have strong sheet metal cages.
They have security cameras all over the place.
If you choose the Colocation 100% power availability will keep your Business available, the security facilities will protect your infrastructures, the 100% network availability will keep your business connected, and flexible cabinets, cages and square footage will allow your Business to grow.
Or you can choose between managed servers or dedicated servers.
You can have Microsoft Windows 2003, Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux AS, ES and Fedora.
Or may be you need Disaster Recovery?
Hosted Solutions Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Services provides a complete solution for keeping clients up and running despite unplanned business interruptions.
Would you like to have a look at the Data Center?
You can also have a Noc tour .
Well, I do not think you can dream of something better...

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