Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mom looking for Dad

Once parents had many children, now a days children have many parents.
I do not know if it was better then or it is better now.
I guess you can find advantages (and disadvantages) in both cases...
What to do when you suddenly become a single mother and you hate it?
(There are also cases in which some women do not exactly hate it...)
Also in this case the Internet will come to your rescue.
Is there a better place, with so many "daddytobe", than the Internet?
Is there a better way than just look in Single Moms brand new website and being able to choose?
I personally do not believe there is a better way.
Unless you are so lucky as to have the dad of your dreams as a neighbor...
In this case things are much less complicated.
Did you see the Movie "You got mail"?
Well he was very close, but without the Internet nothing would have happened...
That is the Magic of the Net.

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